Obsolete SAP cannot yield greater benefits for an organisation, upgrading SAP to cater to the requirements of the clients is the need of the hour and P Square renders its service to upgrade SAP on par with the current trend in the industry with its wide angled ideologies. When it comes to initiating SAP, P Square understands the unique problems that arises and designs solutions to meet them using ASAP and other robust methods.

Facilitating with SAP

1. P square, the engrossed SAP experts provide SAP services to its fullest extent.

2. The need of the organisation is carved out and it offers services.

3. Documentation and knowledge transfer is explicit.

4. Routine reports on health issues, observation of performances, probing into the practicality of the implemented trends, recommendations are provided

5. A call centre that works round the clock to cater to the queries of the clients.

6. Through SAP, maintenance of systems, their monitoring, reporting and alerting tools are frequently checked and their Performance is tuned when required.

7. The experts of SAP around the world are consulted for a challenging task to ensure that SAP galaxy is conquered completely.

Net –Weaver

P Square experts team are the masters of Net weaver and Basis, they effectively manage process orchestration, managing customer relations, landscapes managing, identity management, Business objects, Sybase mobility platforms, solutions and Master Data Management.

Identity management

Identity management has become a crisis in the industry, the technology and platform used does not synchronise in most occasions. Identity management by SAP affirms the right to the users that there is synchronisation of all user data with a single source. P Square provides not only identity management for its users but also ALM, the Application Life cycle Management.

Upgrading SAP to S/4HANA

P Square helps the SAP customers to utilise the benefits of SAP S/4HANA. It offers a package where the road map directs to release of any update happens in SAP.

Testing the ultimateness

Construction of a building and an IT project is almost the same. The cost involved, the quality involved, Time and risk involved should be clearly estimated or else a building or a project collapses hence needs to be tested before implementing. The recent survey states that nearly 75% of the projects fail because of the lack of testing. The quality and risk should be checked in a project so that cost and time can be saved. P Square with its team of SAP experts, use modern testing tools and bring out a solution for quality improvement and risk management.