Technology is always evolving and this is exemplified in the Retail Industry in recent periods.While operational efficiency was the traditional focus for Retail technology adoption, new consumer driven technologies are now building competitive advantage for the early adopters as consolidation and globalisation trends continue to manifest themselves in the World market.

P Square leverages its breadth of services across Supply Chain, Web, Mobility and Data Analytics to deliver world-class retail solutions.

Solutions for all retailers include:

Merchandising and Assortments:

Optimally plan, range, schedule and deliver your merchandise to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

Sourcing, Buying and Manufacturing

Connect your global network of retail partners and improve collaboration with your suppliers across ordering, invoicing and payment processes and maximize procurement savings. On-board new suppliers quickly and efficiently and become more dynamic to changing consumer trends.

Supply Chain Management

Improve inventory transparency across your multi-channel supply chain and reduce stock-outs and back orders. Consider EDI technology initiatives such as dropshipping and leverage your supplier’s warehouse capacity

Mobility in Retail

Engage with our dedicated Mobile team to deliver excellent mobile solutions from high volume back-office Goods Receipting, to beautifully rich consumer focused applications.

Web and Social Experience

Exploit activity on the web and social media to build a consistent multichannel customer experience that will increase loyalty, build revenue, and delight customers.

Store Operations Excellence

Deliver superior customer interactions that drive confidence and build loyalty. Leverage your bricks and mortar investments with Click-to-Store, Kiosks and other multi-channel initiatives.

Retail Planning and Reporting

Leverage our dedicated Data Analytics team to support your Merchandise and Assortment Planning processes. Deliver superior operational reports to your business users. Create dashboards for managers and executives that provide true business insight

Customer Insights and Predictive Analytics

Leverage advanced data mining techniques to identify new market segments and apply new predictive models using SAP InfiniteInsight® to provide unique personalised customer recommendations.

Wholesale Distribution

Small scale industries or the basic utility providers also derive remarkable benefits through P Square. Fibre deployment, smart metering and other innovations of the hour steps into Utility industries like tele-communication companies, P square renders the following services to them:

You can offer your customers extra services, such as easy online inquiries and transactions. And you can juggle all of the conflicting priorities such as growing your business, increasing profits, and contending with customer demands for outstanding service while managing distracting merger and acquisition activity.

Complete with preconfigured software, this SAP-qualified Business All-in-One solution is easily adaptable to your changing requirements, and supports all the basic processes you perform to meet your daily business need, including:

Materials management

Supporting procurement from quotation to contract, management of inventory, purchasing, stock handling and transfer, and returns.

Sales and distribution

Encompassing sales-order processing, delivery, billing, and payment, so that you can execute customer sales orders quickly and efficiently. Preconfigured distribution functionality ensures that your delivery and transportation processes support optimal sales-order fulfilment.

Logistics, product life-cycle management, and quality management Including batch management.


Supporting a wide range of planning processes and forecasting, as well as cost calculations, to help you track your business accurately.

Forms and reporting

Allows you to manage all kinds of reporting, with best practices for forms and reporting built in. Custom reporting – both on a recurring as well as an ad hoc basis – is fully supported.


Whether you are a discrete manufacturer managing the many components that make up your products, or a process manufacturer dealing with bulk ingredients and uncertain supply, P Square will work with you to find the right solution.

Solutions for all manufacturers include:

Manufacturing planning:

Optimally plan, schedule, and sequence factory-floor production to produce and deliver promised orders

Manufacturing execution:

Deliver on production plans by managing production processes, staff deployment, and other factory-floor resources. Document, monitor, and dispatch inventory during the entire production life cycle

Quality management:

Monitor and document compliance with quality standards.

Maintenance management:

Plan, schedule, and sequence maintenance to optimize assets and minimize downtime

Environment, health, and safety management:

Handle product safety, dangerous goods and their disposal, waste and emissions, industrial hygiene, and occupational health and safety.

RFID or barcodes:

In order to ensure the economic use of resources, SAP has a component for production planning capacity planning available that supports planning in all phases. P Square can introduce this component to evaluate the available and required capacity and compare with each other using lists or graphics.

Sales forecasting:

P Square has specialised expertise to help you choose the best SAP sales forecasting models for your business that will allow you to meet demand for your products.


Fibre deployment, smart metering and next generation networks are just a few changes that are placing increasing demands on the internal systems of utility companies.

From water and power generation to electricity retailers and telecommunications

SAP solutions P Square can deliver for the Utilities sector include:

1. Enterprise Asset Management for Utilities.

2. SAP Mobility for Utilities.

3. Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

4. Customer Relationship Management and Billing for Utilities.

5. SAP Smart Meter Analytics, utilising SAP BusinessObjects and services for HANA, SAP’s game changing analytics appliance.

Drawing on our own experience as well as the wealth of knowledge amassed by SAP globally, we have launched an online resource centre to share information, insights and best practices with professionals in these communities.

This new website includes case studies, industry trends and thought leadership on a range of topics, from the latest solutions for tracking and maintaining physical assets to the ways in which others are meeting the challenges of long-term infrastructure and one-off maintenance projects.

Asset Intensive Industries

Get more value from your physical assets, manage your projects and deliver services

Enterprises from Asset Intensive industries such as the Utilities, Engineering and contracting/construction sectors, as well as public organisations with large portfolios of assets, face a unique set of business issues.

P Square can deliver end-to-end SAP Business All-in-One solutions and SAP Asset Management projects to businesses and enterprises who manage billions of dollars of physical resources – from plants and machinery to land and infrastructure.

In addition to our expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management software, we can also deliver end-to-end SAP Business All-in-One solutions tailored to businesses with project-based requirements

Client and opportunity management:

Integrate your business processes to create profitable, long-term client relationships

Project service delivery:

Create, structure and staff your projects. Execute projects within established timeframes, while managing quality and adherence to contractual agreements

Knowledge and resource management:

Develop, enhance, structure and store the information and knowledge critical to your success

Engagement management:

Ensure accurate and timely billing and reduce the need for manual processes and redundant data entry

Partner management:

Control third-party expenditure

Service support:

Optimise the delivery of ongoing managed services.